Monday October 26 , 2020
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AJINEH Industrial Company, founded in 1982 is a family run company and has over 20 years of experience in manufacturing cable support systems in which ithas been grown to become a specialist and has become the leading Iranian company dealing mainly with ministries of Oil, Energy, and Mining. (see reference list).


Custom made products
Ajineh’s main policy is 100% customer satisfaction: “what the customer wants is what the customer gets”. This meaning that Ajineh, defying the market rules ofmanufacturing; complies entirely with the customer specification without extraextravagant charges. The customer is not bound to use Ajineh’s exact specification;but is guided to an optimum product by our engineers.

Quality and safety
Quality and safety are for Ajineh always the most important issues. Quality does not only mean measuring objective criteria and therefore it does not only end where the products or the erection are controlled.
Quality is one feature of our service and partnership with the customer. Security is guaranteed by respecting our technical data and by following the application examples given in the catalogue.

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